5-day workday VS 4-day workday

16 August, 2022
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A 4-day workweek is a relatively new concept, brought about largely due to the combination between the recent world pandemic and the huge advancements in technology.

We compare the 5-day working day with the new models that integrate the new 4-day working hours. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

How the 4-day-a-week model has performed

Some companies, both in the public and private sectors, are already trialing the idea with promising results for both employees and employers.

Public sector

Iceland had conducted the world’s biggest pilot of a four-day workweek. Between 2015 and 2019, the country put 2,500 of its public sector workers through two trials.

Crucially, those trials found no corresponding drop in productivity — and a dramatic increase in employee well-being.

Private sector

Certain companies, like Perpetual Guardian from New Zealand, are already realizing the benefits of a 4-day work. Not only does a 4-day workweek increase employee satisfaction, company commitment, and teamwork, but it also decreases stress levels. Even better, reducing employees’ work schedules to a 4-day workweek doesn’t harm their productivity or company output.

Another good case study on the benefits of a four-day workweek was done by Microsoft Japan in the summer of 2019. Employees there worked four days a week while receiving their normal five-day paycheck. The results that they saw speak for themselves.

They reported increased efficiency across the business. Decreased electricity usage, fewer meetings held, and fewer pages printed helped contribute. The company says this all resulted in a 40% productivity boost across the business.

The extra day shows increased productivity, better employee engagement, and an equal workplace. And also made space for many workers to take up new hobbies, fulfill long-standing ambitions, or simply invest more time in their relationships.

Are there any disadvantages to a 4-Day workweek?

Firstly, as it is an organizational and management revolution, this change may be difficult for some companies. It is so much easier to manage according to presence rather than performance. You were there for 12 hours. You were there for 14 hours. No matter what you do, you are there, and you get paid for that. That is something old school and no longer valid for a modern company.

Also, working fewer hours for some workers can imply less money. They need to know they’re going to have enough hours to actually make it. So, whatever happens, it is necessary to make sure that everyone is able to work enough hours to have a living wage.

If your company is looking to increase your productivity and employees want to work less, a four-day workweek could be for you.

A four-day workweek is a viable option, as the technology would allow companies to continue to function normally, have better control of employee performance, and allow humans to continue to have meaningful careers with a better work-life balance.


New technology advances and platforms such as Rambox can help you to implement this change in your company.  Download Rambox, configure it to your liking, and enjoy all its advantages as soon as possible!

16 August, 2022
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