How to start with Rambox and simplify your workspace

April 7, 2022
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If this is the first time with Rambox, welcome. The objective of this guide is to accompany you to set up Rambox on your computer and optimize your work time.

First, why Rambox?

Life now passes through your computer, from organizing your work, your tasks, the house, and even learning and free time. Everything lives on your desktop. That’s wonderful and also a recipe for organizational disaster.

And here appears Rambox. A workspace organizer that allows you to manage, organize and prioritize all your applications in one environment.

This sounds perfect, but how to start?

Step 1: Install Rambox

Rambox is FREE with paid plans. Once you install the program and open it, the fun part begins.

Step 2: Add all the apps you use

Do you think you use a few things? You can’t imagine! When you open Rambox, you have the option to use all the apps to load on the platform. From Gmail, Slack, Trello to Pinterest, LinkedIn, Canvas and many many more.

First, add everything you know and use on a regular basis and then start tidying it up. It takes a while, but it’s worth it!

Step 3: Design your own work environment

This is the funniest part. All the apps can be grouped on “workspaces”. You choose how to organize each workspace. They can be about moments: work, education, free time. Or they can also be related to projects, clients, business units and so on.

The way to put this together is up to you, which allows you to finally recreate that order you have in your head on your computer.


— Important: You have the dashboard (with a rocket icon) where you can put the three most important things to review as soon as Rambox opens. Among them, you can have the to-do list for that day in plain sight. The best part is you can have as many dashboards as you want with a tile view of your most important apps and in a snapshot get the latest updates.

Now… What else can you do besides have everything organized in one place?

  1. You can customize your work area not only in terms of workflow but also in terms of notification alerts, visual styles, app opening and closing times and so on. Helping you make your computer your home, your office and also a friendly place to be.
  2. Moving around within Rambox is easy! You have a quick search that allows you to jump from one thing to another (almost like your head does) in an instant.
  3. Security comes first since Rambox does not store any type of information or password until you can protect your session with a Master password or with a FIDO U2F security key.

This new world invites us to work differently, build teams with people we would not have imagined and achieve goals that seemed impossible. There is only one thing that has not changed and that is the time you have and how you decide to use it.

Getting organized is the best way to optimize your time and simplify your day.

Happy working!

April 7, 2022
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