Hello 2022, Hello new Rambox!

January 17, 2022
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What is this all about? Part of it was requested by our users, part of us wanted to be one step ahead of what they needed. Let me explain… In 2021, we went through a renewal process and today we are ready to welcome this new year.

That’s how it was when we met

The first version of Rambox came out on May 6, 2016, called Rambox Community Edition. That version was free and, between us, quite beta 🤐. As more users joined and we started updating it we saw that there was room to create something bigger, more robust and more complete: Rambox Pro.

Rambox Pro saw the light in 2018 and from that moment we have added more people to the team, and we will not stop growing.

2022: Now what?

In 2021, we decided to unify the CE and Pro versions in a single program to make the use and updates much easier.

And we started dreaming big … Designers appeared, marketing people and among all that … Here we are!

I welcome you to the new Rambox

This new and renewed version of Rambox brings everything (we will explore the new features one by one) but this is what you will find:

1. A renewed and improved interface

2. New features and better performance

3. More stable software (we incorporate automatic tests to find bugs)

4. Support for Chrome Extensions within Rambox (the most requested among users!)

5. A better organization of apps in multiple levels as well as in column layouts. (Easier and simpler)

6. A faster application use and an optimal use of your computer’s resources

And of course … Ramby, a unique assistant to accompany you step by step in everything you need.

There is something that did not change

At Rambox we are convinced that we are heading towards an increasingly uncertain and accelerated world and there is only one thing that can help you navigate it in the best way: the optimal use of your time.

It is that although technology and advances have changed the way we interact, talk 😜 and buy, there is one thing that does not change: The weather.

We only have 24 hours a day. From those hours, it is up to you to choose what to do and how to organize yourself to achieve what you want. And here is a brand new Rambox ready to help you and walk with you along the way.

With all this, we tell you 2022 we are ready for the year to be more productive, more efficient and with much more balance…

Are you ready?

January 17, 2022
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