How to get the most out of Rambox if you are a Marketer

Rambox for Marketers

Digital marketing professionals use an infinite number of applications every day. Working almost simultaneously with so many resources can be exasperating due to the number of open windows and CPU consumption. Rambox is one of the best solutions for this professional activity. Our workspace simplifier will improve your productivity and speed you up as a […]

Which Rambox features help you improve productivity?

Which Rambox Features Help You Improve Productivity?

Work productivity is the amount of valuable work done in a given time, in this case, in your working day. This amount of practical work should be the maximum possible and should be increased to make the most of your working hours, whether you are a worker or an entrepreneur. With the advent of new […]

Rambox Workspaces

Rambox Workspaces

Rambox workspaces are one of the main features that help increase our users’ productivity. They also are one of Rambox’s favorite features for the public. At Rambox, we like to make it easy for you, so this week we will tell you everything you should know about our workspaces. What are Rambox workspaces? Customizable workspaces […]

Rambox Plans and Features. Which Plan is best for you?

Rambox Plans And Features.

Rambox is a PC desktop organizer. It allows you to unify as many applications as you want in one place, making it the perfect tool to improve productivity when working with multiple applications. In addition, Rambox has three different plans: Basic Plan. Pro Plan. Enterprise Plan. These three options have different functionalities, so you can […]

How to configure Rambox step by step

How To Configure Rambox Step By Step

Rambox is a workspace organizer that allows you to unify all the applications you want in one place. It is perfect for those who care about productivity while working with many business and personal applications. Although Rambox has a potent and easy-to-use interface, we will show you how to set up the application step by […]

How to organize your Windows desktop

How To Organize Your Windows Desktop

Certain work areas, such as marketing or software development, require multiple programs to open simultaneously. Sometimes, having so many windows open on the desktop can be a problem, even leading to blocking, saturation and stress due to the inability to find the necessary tool efficiently. Multitasking operating systems, such as Windows, allow you to run […]

Quick Search or How to Multitask like a Boss

Quick Search Or How To Multitask Like A Boss

In a recent survey done by Search Engine Journal, 40% of the participants hold the search box to be more important than anything else in their virtual working environment. The difficulty of accessing information throughout an organization has caused management to become accustomed to poor search results and to devote more resources to locating information […]

How to handle notifications and why it is so important for your productivity

How To Handle Notifications And Why It Is So Important For Your Productivity

A survey conducted by the software company Asana of thousands of workers in various types of companies around the world has concluded that excessive notifications destroy the ability of employees to concentrate. The fact that we are receiving various notifications from many different messaging tools puts us in a state of almost constant multitasking. These […]

5 reasons you’ll love Rambox

Do you work from home? So, I welcome you to that feeling of freedom and relaxation that comes from knowing that you can be in your pajamas and answer that call. Now, in times when so many projects are running at the same time and we want to achieve more and more, how can you […]

3 things you can NOW do with Rambox

We like to think about Rambox as a tool for you to choose what you want to do with it. See the platform as a smooth canvas ready for you to design your experience and enjoy it. Although in this new version we add three features that will really transform the way you work, enjoy […]