Gmail App Review (Mac or PC)

Gmail App Review (Mac Or PC)

Gmail is one of the applications that nowadays have become a must-have for professional and personal life. The application has made our life and communication more accessible, so it has become mandatory on our cell phones. But what about on the computer, can we install it? Although Gmail does not have a desktop application, there […]

What is Dropbox Paper?

What Is Dropbox Paper?

Digital collaboration is increasingly present in our work life. Whether working from home or the office, we need tools that allow us to carry out individual work in conjunction with our team so that they can edit or suggest changes to documents remotely, orderly, and securely. Nowadays, collaborative tools have multiplied, and there are more […]

Alternatives to WhatsApp Business

Alternatives To WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging application designed as an alternative to WhatsApp for businesses. It was created to meet all those business needs of communication with their customers in a simple and fast way. The main advantage that WhatsApp business incorporated is that from the platform, you can offer sales services and customer service […]

5 Apps Every Full-Stack Developer Should Know

5 Apps Every Full-Stack Developer Should Know

The software industry is growing; every day, more people are starting their journey as software developers. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced programmer, it’s necessary to keep up with software trends and have the right tools at hand to execute day-to-day tasks as efficiently as possible. The ability to concentrate while coding is paramount […]

Best 5 Apps for Team Communication

Best 5 Apps For Team Communication

If your computer is the new office, where is the space for talking and getting together? Where is the “virtual coffee” machine? Today we’ll talk about team communication in remote working moments. With new apps and tools popping up nearly every day, how do you cut through the noise and pick the right one? What […]

How to open multiple WhatsApp accounts?

WhatsApp has quickly emerged as the go-to messaging app for over 1.6 billion consumers around the globe. And why not? In today’s omnichannel world of texts, chats, posts, and tweets, consumers increasingly want to interact with businesses the same way they connect with their family and friends. WhatsApp Business was released in 2018 and is […]

Gmail vs Outlook — Final Combat

Email is part of our existence, and Gmail and Outlook are the two heavyweights of the email world. Worldwide, Gmail has 1.5 billion users and Outlook has 400 million users. The next most popular email service, Yahoo Mail has over 200 million users. If you are thinking of choosing between any of these options, let’s […]