How to handle notifications and why it is so important for your productivity

July 16, 2022
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How To Handle Notifications And Why It Is So Important For Your Productivity

A survey conducted by the software company Asana of thousands of workers in various types of companies around the world has concluded that excessive notifications destroy the ability of employees to concentrate.

The fact that we are receiving various notifications from many different messaging tools puts us in a state of almost constant multitasking. These notifications “constantly compete for our attention.”

Asana’s “Anatomy of Work” report found that professionals around the world spend 58% of their time on menial tasks, which this study found refers to activities such as work communications, finding information, switching apps, managing priorities, or tracking job status.

Why multitasking kills

The more we multitask, the less we achieve, because we gradually lose the ability to concentrate. If you constantly try to multitask, you don’t switch off and you won’t be able to engage in deeper processing and learning.

So if multitasking increases your stress level, weakens your memory, and kills your creativity. How to fight it?

How you can avoid multitasking with Rambox

You can be in control of everything that happens and decide when and how to receive interruptions.

Rambox gives you complete control of your notifications. You will be able to adapt the notifications of all your applications until they are pixel-perfect. Choose for each application and workspace whether you want to see a desktop notification or hear a sound.

How notifications shown in the Notification Center

What happens if you don’t want to receive any distractions?

Communication apps can often be an easy distraction. Messages with no urgency or importance in Slack or Teams can cause you to lose focus in milliseconds, and it’s hard to get back to deeply concentrate on a task. To avoid this kind of situation you just have to turn Focus Mode on and don’t get distracted. The idea here is not to receive notifications until you finish your task to finally focus and move forward.

How can Rambox help you be more productive?

The important thing is to prioritize and put your concentration to work on what is important, not on what is urgent.


Now that you know how Rambox can help you manage your notifications and increase your productivity,  try Rambox for free. All you have to do is download the program, configure it to your liking and start enjoying its functionalities. No cards, no cheating, it’s that simple!

July 16, 2022
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