5 reasons you’ll love Rambox

July 2, 2022
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Do you work from home? So, I welcome you to that feeling of freedom and relaxation that comes from knowing that you can be in your pajamas and answer that call.

Now, in times when so many projects are running at the same time and we want to achieve more and more, how can you mix freedom with schedules and to-do lists?

It’s difficult, freedom sometimes involves more disorganization, loss of time and stress than anything else… so what to do?

The key is to understand that your computer is your desktop and also your world, and it is vital to keep it neat and tidy. Not only to have a productive day but also to relax and maintain the flow.

5 Why have a Workspace Organizer (a.k.a. Rambox 🙂 is gonna save your day!

1. Save time

A computer of any remote worker is his office, his entertainment center, his private place and also his public relations officer. If you cannot keep your different profiles organized, it is challenging to work optimally and not waste time looking for passwords, accesses, and information.

In Rambox you have the option of workspaces, areas where you can group ALL the apps you need according to your own classification: work, personal, hobby, etc. The classification will depend on you and your needs.

2. Clean desk clean mind

As Marie Kondo says “Visible mess helps distract us from the true source of the disorder.” It is important to be able to do what you have to do, even relax and have fun, that you can find the materials and tools and have them at hand.

What apps do you need to work on? What about passwords? What is the platform where you do what you have to do? Instead of organizing this over and over again in Rambox, you have the possibility of having all the apps at hand, accessing them only once and forgetting about them only till you need them (and knowing that your passwords are totally safe).

3. Flexibility

There is no single way to organize a workspace. That’s why Rambox is all about flexibility. You can customize your workspaces according to your own categories. You can change the look and feel with the themes, you can design if you want to get notifications and how and when to get them. There are more than 600 apps you can use in Rambox allowing you to choose and create your own work and play area.

The main objective is to make your space easy to access and fun to work with so you only need to focus on your task and keep the flow.

4. Do more, one thing at the time

What we have learned the most from working online is that multitasking is something we should avoid like foods full of sugar. Doing a task and staying focused on it is the best way to speed up your projects and get things done.

How to do it? Rambox has several ways to help you.

One is to be able to use apps based on the Pomodoro technique so that you control and stay focused on your task. Finally, you can customize your notification center by choosing when and how to receive them until you can reach Focus Mode and do not receive any notifications (Oh yeah!).

5. Easy to grow

Don’t you work alone anymore? Are you now part of a remote work team? This is very easy to scale with Rambox. You can incorporate different profiles according to which work team you are in. Rambox also integrates with Slack, Trello, Asana and all the apps used for online group work. Just one click away!

Remote work is here to stay, and the way to get through your day without raising your level of stress or frustration is by learning to get the best out of your workspace.

Rambox is here to help you. Download it for free here and let us know how it goes.

Happy Working!

July 2, 2022
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