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16 August, 2023
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apps for community managers

As the role of a community manager continues to evolve, the challenges they face have also become more complex. Juggling multiple communication platforms, interacting with community members, and keeping on top of various trends can be daunting. This article explores the practical solution offered by Rambox, one of the best apps for community managers.

Join us to discover the main obstacles social media professionals face and how Rambox’s unique features make it the optimal choice to address these challenges.

Common problems that community managers face on a day-to-day basis

The dynamic world of community management presents its practitioners with common challenges that can hinder efficiency and effectiveness. These challenges include:

  • Platform overload: with many communication tools at their disposal, community managers often switch between various apps and platforms. This constant back-and-forth can lead to confusion, missed messages, and an overall drain on productivity.
  • Fragmented conversations: engaging with community members across different platforms can lead to fragmented conversations. Valuable insights and discussions might be scattered across multiple places, making maintaining a cohesive and comprehensive understanding of community sentiment challenging.
  • Notification fatigue: keeping track of notifications from different platforms can become overwhelming. The barrage of alerts can lead to distraction, information overload, and a decreased ability to focus on critical tasks.
  • Time management: balancing engagement across multiple platforms can be time-consuming. Community managers often need help to allocate sufficient time to each platform, potentially resulting in delayed responses or missed opportunities.

As we explore Rambox’s features in the upcoming sections, keep these challenges in mind. Rambox aims to provide a comprehensive solution that addresses these issues and streamlines the community manager’s workflow for improved efficiency and engagement.

Why is Rambox the best solution for community managers?

Rambox is a workspace organizer that allows you to unify all the applications you want in one place. It’s designed to cater to the unique needs of community management, unifying an array of applications into a single, streamlined interface. This platform proves exceptionally beneficial for those committed to optimizing productivity within the dynamic realm of this profession, where interaction with many business and personal applications is paramount.

Let’s dive into the key features of Rambox and why it is the must-have application for modern community managers.

Apps library

With an extensive selection of over 700 default apps, Rambox equips community managers with a robust platform to consolidate their essential tools, refining their workflow and bolstering team communication. Thanks to this centralized approach, they can avoid the hassle of switching between multiple browsers and windows, saving time and reducing the risk of missing critical messages or deadlines.

apps library

Rambox’s apps library becomes a potent tool, granting them the authority to adapt their workspace with the most pertinent tools. Community managers can effortlessly integrate and configure the applications they need, whether social media applications, campaign measurement and analysis tools, team collaboration platforms, or communication tools. This intuitive process allows community managers to build a focused and meticulously organized workspace, ensuring that all essential resources are available to oversee their tasks effectively.

Rambox Workspaces

Rambox Workspaces brings a robust solution to the community manager’s toolset, allowing them to group applications according to specific projects, customers, or contexts. This capability enables community managers to organize their apps for easy accessibility and management. For example, consider a scenario where you set up separate workspaces for “Social Media Client A” and “Social Media Client B,” ensuring a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of each community.

apps for community managers

Rambox’s organizational capabilities go further as community managers explore the concept of workspaces within workspaces, a structure similar to nesting folders within folders. This advanced feature extends the ability to organize applications on multiple levels, making it easier to categorize and orchestrate community-centric tools.

As an example, within the “Social Media Client A” workspace, you can intricately design sub-workspaces for tasks such as scheduling posts. They can incorporate platforms such as Hootsuite and Meta Business Suite, as well as analytics and monitoring tools such as Sprout Social. This hierarchical arrangement optimizes application accessibility, allowing you to navigate their array of tools and prioritize community interactions with greater efficiency and an intuitive sense of order.

apps for community managers

To add workspaces and applications, click on the “+” icon in the main tab and type in the search bar at the top left the name of the app you want to add to Rambox.

Tile View

An outstanding attribute of Rambox workspaces is the ability to tailor the presentation of applications on the screen, providing community managers with a flexible and streamlined interface.

When designing a workspace, community managers can opt for a full-screen display of individual applications or a tiled, portrait, or landscape view. Rambox provides several pre-defined layouts that serve as starter templates, helping them to select the most suitable layout for their applications. In addition, Rambox offers the freedom of complete customization, ensuring that they can adjust the layout of their workspace according to their preferences and requirements.

apps for social media

The tiled view feature emerges as an invaluable asset for community managers navigating the complexities of various communities and tasks. Thanks to this feature, they can get a complete view of several applications simultaneously, allowing them to monitor and manage community-related activities effectively.

Community managers often use a variety of applications, such as social media platforms, engagement analytics, apps to manage ads, and collaboration tools. Rambox’s tiled view allows them to visually organize these crucial tools, simplifying community monitoring and strategic decision-making.

To configure the Rambox Tile View, you only have to choose the layout you prefer when creating and configuring your workspace in the third section: “layout.”


In the realm of community management, professionals frequently engage with a multitude of applications for both communication and coordination. Rambox offers the convenience of centralizing these tools within a single interface and introduces efficient session and profile management, eliminating the need for continual login and logout procedures.

Rambox profiles

Every Rambox Profile functions as a dedicated session. This signifies that when you allocate a profile to your apps or workspaces, you are essentially designating a session in which you can employ a set of credentials to access your applications and select the extensions that align most effectively with that specific profile.

For example, you can set up a workspace to cover applications for “Client A Social Media” using the “Client A” profile in which the specific client’s credentials and extensions are stored. In contrast, another workspace caters to “Customer B Social Media” using the corresponding profile and set of credentials.

Rambox Profiles further amplify efficiency by allowing single login access to multiple accounts through the same service. Within this framework, Rambox offers three main profiles: “Primary“, which serves as the default profile; “Inherit from Workspace“, applicable exclusively to nested items; and “Private“, which offers an isolated session. Rambox’s versatility extends to profile customization, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate additional profiles by simply clicking the “+” sign.

By incorporating session management and profile optimization, Rambox is emerging as an indispensable tool for community managers looking to streamline their workflow.

To change the app’s / workspace’s profile , right-click on it and select “Settings,” and configure the app’s profile in the “Profile” section.


Rambox extends a versatile selection of Google Chrome extensions to address the diverse needs of community managers, effectively boosting productivity and refining workflow dynamics. While these extensions cover a broad spectrum of functionality, their usefulness shines exceptionally bright for community managers dealing with many passwords and language requirements.

In community management, simultaneously monitoring multiple social media platforms involves separate login credentials for each. Rambox’s extensive collection of extensions includes leading-edge password management tools. These tools allow them to seamlessly store and access a range of passwords, prioritizing ease of use and security. They can effortlessly navigate various community management platforms without having to remember all their passwords, or utilizing an external application.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of community management. Rambox integrates grammar checkers and translation extensions, such as Grammarly and Google Translate, into the community manager’s toolkit. These extensions emerge as indispensable aids during the revision of documents and publications; probably one of the worst nightmares of this type of worker is having to edit a post already published to correct a grammatical or translation error. By seamlessly integrating these extensions, they improve their communications and documentation accuracy and fluency. In addition, these tools facilitate the seamless translation of information between languages, extending the reach and impact of community interactions.

apps for community managers

Complementing the Grammarly extension, Rambox incorporates the innovative “Spell Checker” feature, designed to improve the communication skills of community managers. This feature lets users quickly identify spelling and typographical errors, ensuring a refined and polished communication experience for social media interactions and project-related documents. In addition, the spell checker is highly versatile and allows for multiple language configurations. This adaptability ensures they can tailor their communication style to specific applications, facilitating accurate and professional discourse in all their community management tasks.

To configure the extensions you want to add, be sure to select that application or workspace (it must be active), and then, in your main menu, click on the “Extensions” puzzle icon and the “+” symbol.

Notification management

Maintaining order and staying seamlessly connected within the digital landscape can be incredibly challenging for community managers. Rambox introduces a solution through its Notification Center, allowing them to regain control over their notifications. This feature empowers these professionals to customize notifications based on individual preferences, providing the flexibility to receive desktop notifications, sound alerts, or the ability to mute notifications selectively for specific workspaces or applications.

Community managers ensure they won’t overlook crucial information by muting notifications. Rambox diligently stores all notifications, allowing catching up on missed messages at a more suitable time. Additionally, Rambox enhances visibility by highlighting unread messages from each application, offering a concise snapshot of areas demanding immediate attention. Leveraging these capabilities, Rambox aids them in staying current while minimizing unwarranted interruptions and distractions.

Consider community management scenarios where swift notifications are essential, such as urgent updates, important announcements, or engagement spikes. Rambox rises to the occasion by ensuring you receive instant notifications for these critical events. This functionality empowers community managers to promptly address emerging situations, providing them with the agility to manage and resolve matters efficiently.

apps for project management

To customize the notifications of each workspace or app, you only have to right-click on them and choose if you want to receive desktop notifications and if you want them to have sound.

Now that you know why Rambox is one of the top apps for community managers, the last tip we can give you is to enjoy keeping everything organized in one place.

If you are overwhelmed by the number of applications you have to work with, and need help optimizing your time and resources, try Rambox for free. All you have to do is download the program, configure it to your liking, and enjoy its functionalities. No cards, no cheating, it’s that simple!

16 August, 2023
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