How to start with Rambox and simplify your workspace

If this is the first time with Rambox, welcome. The objective of this guide is to accompany you to set up Rambox on your computer and optimize your work time. First, why Rambox? Life now passes through your computer, from organizing your work, your tasks, the house, and even learning and free time. Everything lives […]

Think about performance, think about extensions

If you’re a Google Chrome user, you’ve probably heard of Google Chrome Extensions. But, what are they about? They’re minor add-on applications and features that can enrich your experience as a user. Most of them are available for free, with all kinds of purposes and functionalities. They help you personalize and customize the way Google […]

Working from home? 5 apps you may need

What are the challenges that we remote workers are facing? Working from home is now a reality for most people but still, there are some skills to master: connectivity, focus, productivity, tracking and collaboration. And today we are talking about 5 apps that will help you boost your remote working performance. 1. Connectivity: Zoom Before […]

9 tips to improve your focus

If there’s one thing we could all probably use a lot more of, it’s the ability to focus. But telling yourself to stay focused on a task, no matter how big or small is often a lot easier said than done. Whether it’s fatigue, distractions, lack of motivation, or something else entirely, our inability to […]